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What's included in your

2019 planner system

You will receive a Soar at Sales Box every quarter with your Real Sales Planner plus:


Exclusive 1st shipment bonus material

Sales Meeting Notebook

Customized Sticky Note

Soft Touch Pen

33 Days to Success Training Guide

Receive daily training from Claire Ansell on how to use your sales planner to its fullest potential

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How This Planner Will Help You Soar at Sales

target sales
sales action
sales action
track sales progress
sales growth
sales motivation

Set Your Target

Create Your Plan

Take Action

Track Your Progress

Learn Where You Need To Grow

Be Motivated - You Will love Sales

An exclusive Claire Ansell training...

33 days to success

With the purchase of The REAL Sales Planner, you will receive a daily email with exclusive training from Claire Ansell – every day for the first 33 days! Starting anything new requires consistency, and it’s no secret that the commitment it takes to create a new habit can be a struggle.


The 33 Days to Success training is built to motivate, inspire, coach, and hold you accountable.  We want nothing more than for you to feel this is the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself, and finally learn to SOAR at sales.



Let's Get Real

Yes, we know…you are asking “In this age of technology, why would I want a written plan?”  Over and over, studies have shown that the act of writing down goals and the visualization that is created in the brain during that process makes individuals 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to achieve the goal.


When it comes to note taking, it is proven that writing versus typing improves learning and retention. Don’t take our word for it – search for yourself. Better yet, give it a shot and see the results!

Why do I need a written plan?

Absolutely not!! Most CRMs don’t give the full picture. The REAL Sales Planner will compliment your CRM. Most CRMs serve as a high-functioning databases, which is great.  But, from a goal-setting, sales strategy, and planning perspective, CRMs lack the ability for you to look at the big picture and then dial down to a daily plan.


Your Sales Planner will be right there for you to review at the end of the day, see where you made progress, and what you need to accomplish to stay on track tomorrow.

What about my CRM? Do I use both?

Of people have NO written goals

Of people with written goals NEVER review them

Greater success with written and reviewed goals

No cellphone required

No electricity required

No Wi-Fi required

Invest in Your Team Today!

As a Sales Leader, you need to have the confidence that your team is going to SOAR into 2019. For only $249 per team member, you will be literally making the best investment to help your sale people grow and excel in the new year.


Show them how much you care by providing an amazing tool to give them the structure and motivation they are desperately seeking.

Statistics are Irrefutable



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