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I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing organizations over the last 23 years. All of that experience hasn’t been tea and crumpets. But I have taken the best and developed effective growth strategies and training programs that fortified, revolutionized and rescued businesses across multiple industries globally.


I love educating business leaders and sales professionals on the value of structured, defined processes and procedures to achieve new levels of profitability.

claire ansell


Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have to say!

I'm Claire Ansell, and I'm passionate about teaching you how to WIN

What I’ve learned is that salespeople don’t want to waste their time sitting in unproductive training. They want to be out selling. I respect that. I’m one of them. I’m passionate about teaching techniques and providing tools that will help them in their selling today and years from now. I love that moment when they get it. Even the best salesperson has 2 or 3 tools they can use to make a difference in what they do.

Speaking Engagements

Why should you have me speak to your sales team?

“I was literally brought in here kicking and screaming to your training course. I can honestly tell you that if I had known what you had just taught me, I’d be a multi-millionaire. I get it. You weren’t trying to teach me something that I didn’t already know, but you are trying to teach me that there is a process and that process makes a difference.”

Sales Training

I had a training last week where a gentleman came up to me and said...

Hello There,

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The Real Sales Planner

Soar Your Sales

This sales planner was developed specifically for how a sales professional thinks, learns, and closes sales.


I haven’t found anything on the market that systematically helped a salesperson develop a plan AND attack that plan every day.

So, I created my own.

The planner that will make you become a rockstar:

Build a Solid Quarterly Sales Plan

Create 90 Day Goals for Success

Set Monthly Targets to Fill Your Funnel

Plan and Track Your Daily Actions

Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Claire has had the privilege to work with the following companies...

You don't need to move mountains to be an eagle.

Complete this exercise to learn how to build your own Sales Process.

My system is a methodical and repetitive step-by-step process to grow new and existing business.  Get started immediately with our guide and sales exercise.

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Download our stunningly motivational screensavers to remind you to stay on track and be inspired to dream!

Build a winning sales process to help you soar.

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claire ansell
Claire Ansell
claire ansell social media

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